1 Lb Pure Kosher Sea Salt


Hand-harvested from the cold waters off the Oregon Coast using the same methods as our renowned Pure Flake Finishing Salt, we are extremely excited to offer Pure Kosher Sea Salt - the workhorse in your modern American pantry.

Our Pure Kosher Sea Salt has the same taste as our flake salt - briny with no bitter aftertaste - but is much smaller grained.

  • Some compare it to a fleur de sel.
  • Our Pure Kosher Sea Salt is perfect for seasoning, brining, baking, boiling, cooking, pickling, and even finishing. 

None of our products are certified gluten-free. Even if they do not contain gluten ingredients, we cannot 100% guarantee that they have not come into contact with gluten. We recommend that people who have celiac disease use their discretion when using our salt and honey products.


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