The Women's Heritage Sourcebook


The goal of Women's Heritage is to bring elements of the homestead into everyday life. This indispensable reference book is divided into three sections: food (which covers everything one needs to know about fermenting kefir and preserving vegetables to baking sourdough bread and sprouting); animal husbandry (which covers everything one needs to know about raising chickens, dairy cows and pigs); and herbalism (which covers foraging, growing an herbal garden, and using plants to make beauty products, herbal medicines, and natural dyes).

 Lavishly illustrated with 275 full-color photographs and packed with recipes, detailed tips and techniques, and friendly and generous advice, this book encourages readers to consider adopting hobbies or interests that can open them up to a new community and enhance their quality of life.


Our book will be released April 21st but is available for Pre-Order! All orders will be shipped the week of the 21st. 


"I haven’t been this excited about a book in such a long time! With almost 400 pages of beautiful photos, recipes, resources, and DIYs, The Women’s Heritage Sourcebook is packed to the gills with inspiration for living a slower, more connected, and meaningful way of life. It offers a little bit of everything for anyone interested in the old ways, self-sufficiency, or homesteading, all under the categories of preparing and preserving traditional foods, raising and caring for animals, and using herbs for medicine, food, drink, bath, body, and art. I practice a lot of the slow, old ways of doing things and sort of thought I’d seen it all but, nope, there are dozens of new, creative ideas in this book that I can’t wait to try at home. First up for me will be plum-thyme shrub, gluten-free sourdough, homemade miso, lavender cherry wildcrafted soda, horehound candy, and elderberry solar dye. And although I don’t have farm animals at the moment, anyone interested in raising chickens, bees, dairy cows, pigs, or goats will find a wealth of helpful tips and advice for raising them thoughtfully, respectfully, and naturally. Congrats to Emma, Lauren, and Ashley – you can feel how much work went into creating this book.  I’m positive your community will receive it with grateful and delightful hearts!"  - Julia Watkins of Simply Living Well


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